Day/Night Solar Powered Oxygenator Oxygen Air Fish Pond Pool Pump 2 air stone

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Day/Night Solar Powered Oxygenator Oxygen Air Fish Pond Pool Pump 2 air stone

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Day / Night Solar Powered Air Pond Water Pump with 2 air stone 

Brand New in Box



Solar Powered Air Pond Water Pump with Batteries back up

Best for Your Fish Pond & Garden  

Ensure your pond fish are happy and healthy, even in sunnier weather when oxygen levels are lower, with this solar powered air pump.
The unit have 2 x 100 Litres per hour water flow capacity and has 2 tubes with air stones.

Replenish the oxygen levels in your pond with this convenient oxygenator. It uses solar energy or battery power to pump oxygen into the water. Comes with two modes: day and night mode. On day mode, the pump will use energy supplied by the solar panel. On this mode, the pump will only function in bright and sunny conditions. Surplus power is used to recharge the internal batteries.

On night mode, the pump will only work at night. The batteries will power the oxygenator once the sun goes down. A fully charged battery will power the oxygenator for 6 hours. For best charge, please place the solar panel in a bright and sunny area and allow the batteries to charge for 8 hours.

The batteries generally last between 12-18 months, but with repeated charges the batteries will become less efficient. You may try a boost charge by leaving the oxygenator off for 2-3 sunny days to allow maximum charge to the batteries.  If the boost charge does not help the batteries then you will need to replace it with 4 standard AA size rechargeable batteries.


  • Happy and healthy pond fish and plants
  • Solar power is safe, environmentally friendly – and free to run!
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain
  • For use with small to medium sized garden ponds
  • Easy to apply. Just connect the air hose and ready to run!

    Package Includes:  
  • Solar panel
  • Air pump
  • Hose x2
  • Air stone x2
  • Soar panel support spikes
  • Instructions



product name: 200LPH Solar Oxygenator with 2 air stone
Air Volume:  2 x 100LPH
Solar panel: 1.5W Solar Panel (Dimension: 20cm x 17.5cm)
Pump:  6V DC Air Pump with 3m Cable
Hose Length: 2 air stones with 2 meters hose 
Air Stone Deepth: Less than 1 metre underwater
Rechargeable battery: 4 x AA Size 1200mAH
Individual Packing: 22*18.5*11cm