6000L External Aquarium Fish Pond UV-C Bio Filter 16L Pressure UVC 11W

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Up to 6000 L/H EXTERNAL Fish Pond UV-C Bio Sponge Filter 16L Pressure WITH 11W UV -C Light
Suitable for up to 3000 -6000 litres aquariums
To keep your fish pond clean and beautiful, the effective and reliable UV -C Bio Pressure Filter is exactly what you've been looking for. It's the pond filter that requires minimal maintenance and effort.
The UV -C Bio Pressure Filter doesn't just keep your pond clean but it also has a special UV light to keep algae and fungus under control. All algae that passes under the UV bulb is immediately elminated while the profiled mechanical filter foam will remove the other debris so you end up with a crystal clear pond.
UV light kills algae and bad bacteria,
Happy Fish!
Multi-Stage Filtration System
o STAGE 1 - MECHANICAL FILTRATION - Water is pumped into the filter (pump sold separately) to create the necessary pressure to begin the mechanical filtration stage. Three foam discs collect various sizes of unwanted organic debris encouraging the growth of large numbers of beneficial bacteria which break down harmful pollutants.
o STAGE 2 - BIOLOGICAL FILTRATION - At this stage the water passes through the bio-balls at the bottom of the filter. These have a large surface area & provide a habitat for beneficial bacteria to grow which naturally convert the harmful toxins of ammonia & nitrites into useful nitrates to support a healthy pond environment.
o STAGE 3 - UV CLARIFICATION - The water which may contain microscopic suspended algae spores passes the UV lamp clumping and killing the spores to give crystal clear water.

High Performance Pond UV-C Pressurised Bio Filter
Effectively Purify Water
Removal of Large Particles
UV-C light Kills Algae Blooms, Disease, and Bacteria
Keep Bacterial or Algal System in balance
Buried into the Ground up to the lid

Input voltage 230V / 50Hz
Max flow-through L/h: 6,000
Inlet hose adapter: 19 mm - 40 mm (3/4 Zoll - 1 1/2 Zoll)
Suitable for ponds with fish: 3m3
Suitable for decorative ponds: 6m3
Power of UV-C: 11W
Filter volume in litres: 16L
Cable length 3 m
Dimensions in mm 310 x 310 x 405(H)

Filter Placement:
The filter is placed at the pond side and by means of a a suitable pump (not included in delivery) connected with the water. The water circulates through the filter and the UV-device and after being cleaned is led again into the pond.

The EasyClean flush back function:
• Switch position "Filter"
Normal operation - the water passes through the pressure pond filter with the help of a pond pump and returns cleanly into the pond.
• Switch position "Clean"
Cleaning mode - By turning the switch the motor that is integrated in the top of the filter is switched on and makes the filter sponges rotate in the inner of the pond filter and cleans them from the coarse dirt without opening the pond filter. During the cleaning operation the dirty water is drained by an additional connection and can be used for example for garden irrigation.

Packing including:
1 x Pond UV-C Pressurised Bio Filter
1x User manual