2 in 1 Solar powered Thermometer Celsius Scale and solar light E54

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2 in 1 Solar powered Thermometer Celsius Scale and solar light E54

2 in 1 solar LED lights and thermometers.

They are NEW items and each item is packed in colorful retail box individually. So they are good ideal for gift or re-sell.

Track the Weather—Day and Night

These solar thermometers are eye catching in every garden. More than your typical LED Lights, this innovative solar gadget is actually not just a light but also a fully functional working thermometer! Made from durable yet stylish Aluminum metal, the Solar Thermometer Light will give you accurate temperature readings day and night while complementing both you indoor and outdoor décor. 40cm long with a wide blue temperature indicator. Comes with a pole mount stake. 

A Solar-Powered Garden Light That Also Shows The Temperature.


The 2-In-1 Solar Light & Thermometer has large, easy-to-read numbers on the temperature gauge.


This handy device stands 117cm tall so it shines bright white LED light in a wide-reaching circle.

It recharges daily with the sun's light.

A built-in sensor turns it on automatically at dusk, yet it also has an on/off switch.

Shows the temperature in Celsius degrees.

Easy installation—just stake it into the ground—no wiring needed. 

On/Off switch for more control 
Easy to put together and install 
No additional electricity bill 
Beautifully finished metal and ABS Plastic Technical Details 
Long lasting 
1 LED (White) 
1 x 600mAh Rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery 
Thermometer is based on “C” Celsius degrees 
Beautifully finished metal Product Description 
Thermometer solar lights will use no electricity, but light your way with a strong, safe light. 
Actual Product Dimensions: 13cm L x 13cmW x 117cmH inches with ground stake, 13cm L x 13cmW x 59cmH inches without ground stake .