500LPH Solar Submersible pump Outdoor POND Pool Garden WATER Fountain Feature

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500LPH 5W Solar Panel POND WATER Fountain Feature SOLAR PUMP 500LPH SLP106

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5 Watts Solar Power Water Pump  

Solar Power Pond Water Pump

Best for Your Pool & Garden  

Solar Fountain/Pond/Pool/Water Feature Pump 
Solar powered water pump and fountain head kit
Supplement water movement and aeration in medium ponds
Foam Float expands fountain use in deeper water features

Solar PoweredGo green and setup a versatile solar powered water fountain! The compact size of this water pump and fountain head kit allows countless creative uses around your backyard. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind container water garden, attract gorgeous wild birds with the sound of water, or improve water movement and aeration in small ponds. Easy-to-install 500LPH fountain pump runs on solar energy, making any sunny outdoor location the perfect spot for an eco-friendly water feature. Included Foam Float expands installation options allowing use in bird baths, container water gardens, deeper water features and even ponds.

PUMP Specifications:

It can be set up easily wherever desired without the need for batteries or wiring installation.

Solar Module    -  5W
DC Brushless Pump Operation Voltage   -  DC  15V
Max Water lift (via tubing):   140cm

Solar Panel Dimension: 270x236x18mm

Included fountain heads for waterfall design

Water flow Capacity:  500 L / H  

Cable Length of DC Pump:   approximate 5 meters


Package includes :

  • 1x  Solar Panel.
  • 1submersible pump
  • Accessories includes: 2 fountain heads and 4 inter-connect-table tubes, 1x solar panel support spikes.(Solar Panel angle is adjustable)
Please note this solar pump does not have a battery backup and it works when the sunlight hits on the solar panel.