Day/Night Solar Oxygenator Oxygen Air Fish Pond Pool Pump 2 air stone SLP104B

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Day/Night Solar Powered Oxygenator Oxygen Air Fish Pond Pool Pump 2 air stone


Brand New in Box

Day / Night Solar Powered Air Pond Water Pump with 2 air stone 

Brand New in Box

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Solar Powered Air Pond Water Pump with Batteries back up

Best for Your Fish Pond & Garden  

Ensure your pond fish are happy and healthy, even in sunnier weather when oxygen levels are lower, with this solar powered air pump.

Replenish the oxygen levels in your pond with this convenient oxygenator. It uses solar energy or battery power to pump oxygen into the water. Comes with two modes. On 'Continual on mode', the pump will run continuously until the battery runs out of all power. The pump will automatically re-srart when the battery is re-charged. On 'Pulse timing mode', the pump will work intermittently. It will be on for 5 seconds and off 10 seconds. A fully charged battery will power the oxygenator for 10 hours. This mode is designed to save the battery power when it's poor weather. 

  • Solar Panel powered Air Pump
  • Max Flow of 180LPH 
  • Continual on Mode : Run continuously until the battery flat and re-start automatically when the battery is recharged. Or Pulse timling Mode (Cloudy Days): Pulse driven pump using a 5 second on and 10 second off pattern to conserve energy.
  • Lithium Battery back up enabling the pump to run in all weathers
  • Dual outlet
  • 2 airstones and 2 floats provided
  • Contents include 2.5W Solar Panel with ground and wall fixings, 2 x 2m Airline lengths, 2 air stones, 2 floats, 5 M of connecting cable

The air pump is simple to set up and its compact size and no complicated cables makes it ideal to tuck away around your pond or garden.


  • Max Flow Rate: 180 LPH
  • Solar Panel: 2.5W
  • Lithium Battery: 3.7V (2.0AH)
  • Protection grade of whole unit : IP44

Contents; 1 x Oxygenator, 2 x Air stones with floats, 2 x 2m lengths of airline, 1x Solar panel with ground and wall fixings, 5 m connecting cable (panel to pump)