Premium Heavy Duty Metal Pet Dog Exercise Playpen Cage 3 sizes

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Size 1 : Each Panel Size: 60cm(H) x 60cm(W) x 6 panels 
Size 2 : Each Panel Size: 80cm(H) x 80cm(W) x 6 panels 
Size 3 : Each Panel Size: 90cm(H) x 80cm(W) x 6 panels 
Safe, spacious and easy-to-assemble playpen. This Exercise Pen with Full Door provides convenience and allows easy access for you to enter and exit without your pet or puppies sneaking through the open door at the same time. The durable Heavy Duty Metal Pet Playpen features multi-configuration which allows you to configure your playpen into several different configurations. They are extremely easy to set up and can be folded flat quickly for easy storage and transportation. It includes latching system for extra safety. It is perfect to use as a secure play area for your pets to romp around. The panels can be arranged however you please to suit your pet’s size or the area available to you. Better yet, purchase and combine multiple playpens for even greater flexibility!

This Solid built Multi Use Pet Exercise Play Pen can help you out in so many ways. Its square tube frame has been fully galvanized for ultimate weather and rust protection and then powder coated black to give a nicer appeal to the eye. It has great strength and durability allowing for animals to rest against without fear of collapse.

Strong high-grade metal structure for added strength and durability
Assemble, store and transport with ease
Control your pets with peace of mind when you pop out
Perfect for a variety of animals – dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and more
Multi-configuration - arrange the panels in different shapes to suit your needs and add extra panels to make larger areas.
Round edges - safer for your puppy
Bolt latches - easy to open the door
Durable quality, portable and convenient
Quick and simple setup – no tools required
Combine multiple playpens to expand your space
Fully galvanized and powder coated
Easy storage and transportation
Make any shape to your convenience
Square metal tube frame
Make Different Playpen Sizes