Prisma German brand anti-blue glasses goggles blue light blocking -BR923D

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Product information: "PRiSMA gamer glasses Blueblocker glasses computer glasses – bluelightprotect

GLASSES: Amber-colored, fully anti-reflective BluelightProtect filter for e-sports (gamers) and TV-compatible color recognition and yet 90% blue light protection - scientifically developed in Germany.

USE: Ideal for screen work and gaming with unencumbered eyes and, thanks to high light transmission of 80%, suitable for traffic and signal light during the day.

BENEFIT: See more clearly and contrast, play better, work without getting tired, protect the retina, prevent sleep disorders.

FRAME: Light half-frame frame with secretary and retro charm that underlines your intelligence and alertness. It flatters both elongated oval and angular face shapes, because the framed part is slightly angular, the frameless part is round. Impressively stable in view of the large-format glasses in relation to the delicate frame.

DESIGN: Delicate appearance thanks to filigree, flexible metal eyeglass temples for individual adaptability. Robust metal hinges for low-wear opening and closing as well as adjustable, breathable comfort nose pads for long, comfortable wearing.

Modern flatscreens (PC, TV, tablet, smartphone) emitt a light with a strong content of short wavelegth blue light. Scientific studies have shown that this light can damage the retina of the eyes. Do you know about burning, red eyes after working on the computer for a long time? Light with a high blue light content greatly influences the hormonal balance and can lead to sleeping disorders (disruption of melatonin production). Watching TV in the evening without blue light protection increases the stress on the hormonal balance, so that many of us cannot „switch off“ even at night, and regeneration is impaired.

blue light protection PRO approx. 99% (380 -500nm)
reduction of reflections
contrast enhancing
reduces eye strain
relaxes the eyes
light and robust
100% UV400 filter