Solar pump powered Garden Outdoor Fairy Flower Water Fountain Feature SL277

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Solar pump powered Garden Outdoor Fairy Flower Water Fountain Feature SL277

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108cm TALL


The Fairy Flower Solar on Demand Water Fountain will add fantasy to your landscape, as well as the soothing sights and sounds of gently flowing water. LED lights in the basin add subtle light at night so that the fairy definitely gets noticed! 

She holds a jug of flowing water that tumbles down one flower to the next. Whimsical but tasteful, the pedestal has detailed flower reliefs. Built of durable and color-fast resin, this has the look of ceramics or stone without the weight, cost or maintenance.

Enough about its good looks! The fountain's pump operates both directly from the solar panel and from rechargeable batteries with a flip of a switch. This lets you choose when the fountain will run, including up to 4 hours of power for cloudy days or evenings.

If you have a special occasion when you definitely want the fountain to work, solar on demand is the perfect solution without moving to electric pumps. Just set the pump in the off position for two or three days before the event so that even if there is only partial sun, the batteries will be fully charged when the event begins.

Product Features:

  • Dimensions: Basin is 52cm in diameter; the pedestal is 27.5cm in diameter.
  • Fairy is 53.5 cm tall and the total fountain height is 108cm tall
  • Weight: 10.5 kgs, without water
  • Product comes with: polyresin fountain, solar powered pump, solar panel, connector hose, 5m cord to connect the pump to the solar fountain for maximum flexibility in placement, and solar powered LED lights designed for placement in the basin (lights only work at night, as they automatically turn on via photo sensor that detects darkness)
  • Fountain does not need to be in sun (and is ideal for gazebos, balconies or terraces with lots of shade as long as the solar panel is in direct sun for several hours each day
  • Lightweight but durable construction means color-fast durability even in the harshest sun
  • Powered by Solar; Operates in day and night with Battery/Timer
  • Three Operation Modes for Different Needs: Continuously On, 4hrs Timer, and Daily 4hrs Timer. 
  • Low voltage water pump with filter recycles the same water.
  • Creates the sound of gentle running water 
  • LED Light will turn on automatically at night to illuminate the spray

Note: batteries typically last 12-18 months, but with repeated charges and discharge cycles the battery will become less efficient and battery capacity may reduce. If this occurs, boost charge the battery by turning the fountain "off" for 2-3 sunny days to allow maximum charge to the battery. Rechargeable batteries are available through most hardware stores and home centers for less cost than purchased online, but can be ordered through us if that is most convenient for you.