Self Adhesive Sealing Clear OPP Cellophane Resealable Plastic Bags C6 A5 A4 A3

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Self Adhesive Sealing Clear Cellophane Resealable Plastic Packaging Bags 16 Size

Free Postage Australia wide
Brand New, Never used and good quality
Ideal for art, photo, stationery bulk mail, craft and hobby and just about anything else that can fit into the 12 available sizes
The adhesive bags come with an adhesive strip on the flaps, which can be folded and sealed over the bag's opening.
Accommodating to all items that are smaller than the height of the bag as the flap seal can be folded past the opening if needed.
Adjust length to create the perfect fit
Easy to open and seal
Comes in various sizes
Material: plastic bag made of thin, flexible, plastic film


Available Sizes:

- Size: 60 x 130mm + 30mm Flap

- Size: 80 x 120mm + 30mm Flap

- Size: 100 x 120mm + 30mm Flap

- Size: 100 x 180mm + 30mm Flap

- Size: 100 x 200mm + 30mm Flap

- Size: 120 x 140mm + 30mm Flap

- Size: 120 x 170mm + 30mm Flap  C6 Size

- Size: 120 x 230mm + 30mm Flap

- Size: 150 x 240mm + 30mm Flap  A5 Size

- Size: 160 x 240mm + 30mm Flap

- Size: 180 x 250mm + 30mm Flap

- Size: 200 x 270mm + 30mm Flap

- Size: 220 x 340mm + 30mm Flap 

- Size: 240 x 310mm + 30mm Flap A4 Size

- Size: 300 x 440mm + 30mm Flap A3 Size

- Size: 320 x 420mm + 40mm Flap


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