4 stroke 5 IN 1 Tools GX35 Honda Type engine Chainsaw BRUSHCUTTER Hedge trimmer

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4 stroke GX35 Honda Type engine Commercial Chainsaw BRUSHCUTTER Hedge trimmer 5 in 1

The New 5 in 1 Multi-tool Hedge trimmer + brush cutter + pole chainsaw, equipped by ultra-lightweight GX35 4-Stroke HONDA Type engine, efficiently delivers the kind of efficient cleaner, powerful, quiet performance that you'd expect from a larger engine - but in a very compact package.
The 4-stroke GX35 Honda Type engine is not only demonstrably quieter than two strokes, it uses around half the fuel, less oil and delivers around twice the working life.
Now you can enjoy the power and performance of a 4-stroke engine that can be used in any position - upright, sideways, even upside down.
Easy to start, The carburettor sends fuel directly to the combustion chamber and easy, reliable ignition is just a smooth pull away - even after storage. The GX35 is a very Reliable and durable engine.
This 5 in1 Multi-tool comes with quick release attachments, that includes : 12" Pole Saw + Hedge trimmer + Whipper Snipper, Brush Cutter with 3T and 40T Blade, 80cm extension pole.
This is the perfect Multi-tool for all your garden maintenance.

Please note: These are not Honda engines. This engine style is no longer under patent from Honda and the manufacturing rights have been sold to multiple factories who can produce this engine to the same specification as the original Honda. There could be small variations in production and parts used but the engine design will follow the original in almost every detail.

These outboard motors are EPA approved and They meet Australia new standards limiting noxious emissions requirement.

Engine: Honda Type GX35, 4-stroke,air cooling 
Displacement: 35CC 
Max Power Output: 1.2 kW (1.6 PS) at 7,000 min-1 (rpm)
Pole chain saw length 1950mm 
Chain Length: 12'' 
3T and 40T blade Dia: 255mm 
Pole hedge trimmer length 2050mm 
Total packed Product & ACC'S: G.W/N.W: 13/11KGS
Ignition: Transistorized magneto
Air-cooled 4-stroke OHC/OHV single-cylinder
12" Sprocket Nose Bar 
Bar Oil Capacity / Type: 150mL SAE#10W-30 or Similar 
Chain Type: Low Kickback Premium semi-Chisel 
Chain Spec: 12", Pitch 3/8", Gauge 0.050", Links 44 
26mm Pole 
Auto Chain Lubricator 
Adjustable Chain Oil Feed
550mm long Heavy Duty Dual Blades
Gearbox Type: XH - Ball Bearing Commercial - Greasable 
Blade Length / Type: 550mm Dual Oscillating 
Blades Material: Ultra-Hardened Knife Steel 
Cutting Capacity: 550mm - max 15mm Diameter 
Degrees of Rotation: 270 - 12 incremental positions 
Bonus Blade covers
Brush Cutter: 3 Teeth and 40T metal blade 
Sturdy Safety Shield 
Whipper Snipper: Auto Bump Line Feed 
Heavy Duty Straight Shaft Gear Drive 
Whipper Snipper Line Included
Bonus Safety Harness 
Tool Kit
Please read the owners manual carefully prior to using the item. 
This item uses Premuim UNLEADED Fuel 95 Octane or above / Suggested oil: 10 w 30  4 stroke mineral oil / max is 114 ml / Do not overfill or drain, please check the oil tank frequently
Follow all instructions stated in the manual and tighten all nuts and bolts before use.