10W 10 Watt 16v Solar Panel, RV, direct Battery Charger

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10W 10 Watt 16v Solar Panel, RV, direct Battery Charger


  • Get 10 watts of free energy from the sun when you set-up this 16 Volt Solar Panel.
  • Amorphous crystal solar panel provides superior performance in bright sun and in partial shade. Use this solar panel to power an appliance, light, small motor, or battery, but you must use a voltage regulator (Bonus: regulator included) between them to prevent overcharging the battery and consequent damage.
  • 10 watt solar panel gives you plenty of clean, quiet energy, no fuel required
  • Ideal for additional power and energy savings
  • Includes alligator clips,bare wire end a 1m Cable.
  • Overall dimensions: 49cmx31cmx2cm


 10 Watt 18 volt thin film solar module


Nominal Voltage: 18 Volts
Maximum Power: 10 Watts
Operating voltage:
17.60 Volts
Operating current:
0.555 Amp
Open circuit voltage:
19 Volts
Short circuit current:
0.555 Amp
Output Tolerance:
+/- 5%
amorphous, thin film
Solar Panel Grade: A
Module Efficiency
Operating temperature:
- 40 to +185 F
Maximum system voltage:
600 V DC
Kind of connection: Junction box
Cable Length:
Aluminum alloy
Guarantee of Power:
95% first 10 years 85% afterward
Kind of glass: Low Iron, high transparency tempered glass
Portable and high conversion efficiency
Weight (Panel Only): 4.0 lbs
Dimension of module:
49 x 31 x 2 cmn.

Ideal applications for this Solar Panel::

Wireless security camera
Wireless intercom, Walkie Talkie
Portable massage device
Charge any 12-16 Volt DC Batteries
(Link up several panels for higher Wattage & Voltage)
Laptop computer
Cell phone
Music boom box
Electric fences
SUVs and Trucks
Camping and Hunting
Charge your RV batteries
Marine Power Supply (Yacht, Boat)
Wind Hybrid Systems
Truck Auxiliary Power Unit
Landscaping (Garden Lights)
Fountain Pumps
Remote Area Devices
Remote Gates

And more….