300lph Solar Panel Pond Pump With Battery Backup and Led Light water fountain

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300lph Solar Panel Pond Pump With Battery Backup and Led Light water fountain

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3 Watts Solar Power Water Pump  

Solar Power Pond Water Pump

Best for Your Pool & Garden 

300lph Solar Pond Pump With Battery Backup And Led Light

Water Solar Pump is Designed for Fountain, Pond, or Outdoor Use, the Pump Gets Power Direct From Sun.  This Save a lot of Energy & Money.

Water rate is adjusted by a variable Speed Valve.

This Solar pump is designed with LED fountain light, when running the solar pump during the night, the fountain light will automatically illuminate the water spray.

Pump can be used either by day or at night. Battery back up.

The new design time has mode of 'solar powered' , 'Battery powered' and 'charging' and overcharge protection in the system, it will extend the life span of the battery.

- 3 watts solar panel

- 300lph pump & LED light with 5m lead

-  Continual on mode: the pump will keep on with solar / battery until all battery charges are used out, next morning when sun comes out again the pump will restart by itself

- Daily repeated timer mode (2hrs /3hrs /4hrs): the pump will be on 2 hours, standby 22 hours at 2hrs timer set, the pump will be on 3 hours, standby 21 hours at 3hrs timer set, the pump will be on 4 hours, standby 20 hours at 4hrs timer set

- Winter mode: the pump will work intermittently (5 seconds on, 10 seconds off) to extend battery life in winter or when poor weather

- Low Bat. indicator light: the low bat. indicator light will be blinking when the battery power is low, and system will shut down shortly to protect the battery against over-release and keep your battery healthy for long time use.

PUMP Specifications:
Solar Module    -  3W
DC Brushless Pump Operation Voltage   -  9V
Max Water lift :   120cm
Solar Panel Dimension: 250mm x 175mm x 18mm
Included fountain heads for waterfall design
Water flow Capacity:  300 L / H  
Cable Length of DC Pump:   approximate 5 meters
LED fountain light Operation Voltage   -  9V
Cable Length of Fountain  Light  -  5 Meter
Rechargeable Battery : Lead Acid 6V-4AH

Package includes :

  • 1x  Solar Panel 
  • 1x  9v submersible pump with 5 meters lead.
  • 1control system with battery
  • 1x fountain light with 5 LEDs (5 meters lead)
  • Accessories includes: 4 fountain heads and 4 inter-connectable tubes, 1x solar panel support spikes.