4 Stroke Honda Type Engine Petrol Outboard Motor Fishing Boat Kayak Air cool

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1.5HP 4 Stroke Honda Type Engine Petrol Outboard Motor Fishing Boat Kayak Air cool

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Please note:
These are not Honda engines. This engine style is no longer under patent from Honda and the manufacturing rights have been sold to multiple factories who can produce this engine to the same specification as the original Honda. There could be small variations in production and parts used but the engine design will follow the original in almost every detail.

The 4-stroke GX35 Honda Type engine is not only demonstrably quieter than two strokes, it uses around half the fuel, less oil and delivers around twice the working life.
Now you can enjoy the lightweight, power and performance of a 4-stroke engine. Easy to start, The carburettor sends fuel directly to the combustion chamber and easy, reliable ignition is just a smooth pull
way - even after storage. The GX35 is a very Reliable and durable engine.

4 Stroke 1.5HP Honda Type Engine Petrol Powered Outboard Engineer Motor
Petrol Outboard for Small Boat, Inflatable Boat or Kayak
1.5HP 4 Stroke Air Cooled Engine

These outboard motors are EPA approved and They meet Australia new standards limiting noxious emissions requirement.

Engine type: Quiet Air-cooled / 4-stroke / single cylinder
Displacement: 38cc
Power: 1.2kw / 1.5 hp / 7500rpm
Maximum engine speed: 8000rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 0.65L
Suggested oil: 10 w 30  4 stroke mineral oil / max is 114 ml / Do not overfill or drain, please check the oil tank frequently
Start system: Manuel choke / Recoil pullstart
Operating control: Variable click position throttle handle from incrementally low to high rev positions
Ignition system: C.D.I
Stop system: Stop / kill lanyard 
Engine running positions: Forward maintain high revs / neutral maintain low revs / reverse rotate handle apply throttle as required
Running speed: 10 - 13 km/h
Colour: Red
Comes boxed with assembly instructions
Warranty: 3 months parts only / not including the propeller / check maintenance manual carefully
Distance from top of the mounting bracket to centre of propeller 590mm
Suitable for salt or freshwater use (ensure suitable washing down after saltwater use)
Not for commercial use
The mount bracket can move within the chrome shaft which is 400 mm
The distance from engine top to bottom is 1040 mm
Important: When stored ensure the engine is lying down with the engine upright as oil will pass the piston into the engine chamber over time otherwise
Net weight: 8.2 kgs