4HP 2 Stroke Marine Petrol Outboard Engine Motor Fishing Boat Kayak Air cooled

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2 Stroke 4HP Petrol Powered Outboard Engineer Motor
Petrol Outboard for Small Boat, Inflatable Boat or Kayak
4HP 2 Stroke Air Cooled Engine
Max Speend at 18km/h with 4 People

These outboard motors are EPA approved and They meet Australia new standards limiting noxious emissions requirement.

Overall length:108cm
Overall widteh:36.5cm
Overall height:22cm
Transom height:44cm
Full throttle perating range:6500rpm-7500rpm
Maximum output:4HP
Speed: up to 18km/h(four people)
Ignition system:CDI system
Starting system:Recoil
Staring carburetion system:Chock start
Propeller mark:7 1/4"x5"
The engine and the propeller ratio:2:1
Recommended fuel:Regular unlead gasoline
Fuel to oil ratio:25:1
Gear ratio: 27/13
Weight: 9 kgs

Assemble is required

Installation video : 


This 2 strokes 4hp are controlled by the handle, which is operated by the clutch. There is no Reverse mode, It has Neutral and forward mode.
Please clean the Outboard motor by fresh water after using in the sea water. 


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