55W 2000LPH External Canister Aquarium Fish Tank Filter 9W UV STERILIZER Media

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Use a multi-level approach to filtration and filter your tank water with this external filter! This is positioned outside of the tank and draw water into the filter through an inlet tube and return the water via an outlet tube. Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquarium, this type of external filter avoid the need for an unsightly filter inside the tank and suitable for aquarium tank up to 1000 litres. 

Design with tight cap lock and full set of accessories, it is very easy to set up without any tools needed and you don't have to worry for any leaking. Filtering your tank, you will see a much improved level of waste-free water, strong purification and active control of your water characteristic. With the built-in UV light sterilizer, it exposes passing water to lethal does of ultraviolet, killing and sterilising many micro-organisms. This purchase comes with filter media that get you started without any fuss!

Purchase now and have it delivered to your doorstep. Will be ready to use any time when you are.

* 2000L/H efficient external filter
* 9W UV light sterilization to eliminate harmful microbe
* Suits both freshwater and saltwater aquarium
* Suitable for aquarium tanks of up to 800 litres
* Ultra-fine 3 stage filtering basket
* Bonus filter media: Bio-ball, ceramic rings & active carbon - RRP$59
* Low power consumption
* Tight cap lock to prevent leakage
* Complete set of accessories: Pump, hoses, pipes and filter media
* Easy installing inlet & outlet connector w/ flow control switch

Colour : White
Material : High Quality PVC
Water Flow Rate : 2000 Litres per Hour
Voltage : 100V/220V/240V 50Hz/60Hz
Power Rate : 55W
UV Power Rate : 9W
Power Cord Length : 1.5m
Internal Green Tubing Diameter : 19mm
External Green Tubing Diameter : 25mm
Green Tubing Length : 1.8m x2
H-Max : 2.5m (for optimum output this unit should sit beside or below the tank)
Dimensions : 290 x 290 x 485mm (LxWxH)
Weight : 8kg
Unit is suitable for use in an indoor environment only.

Package Contents
1x External Filter Canister
3x Filtration Baskets
2x Piping
1x UV Filter Lamp
Complete Mechanical/Biological/Chemical Filter Media Kit
Connectors and Tubes
Operating Instructions Manual