GRECH All in one Pump + filter + UVC + Fountain 2500LPH 9W UV Clarifier Media

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Product description
The Grech CUF-6000 pond pump with 2500 l/h at 54 watts is a real all-rounder. The pond pump provides everything you need to keep your pond clean.
The integrated pond pump ensures continuous and reliable water circulation. The included attachments allow for use as a pond and fountain pump.
Submersible filter for garden ponds with plants or small fish.
The fountain pump is a complete filter, UV filter and mechanical/biological filter integrated in one unit.
The pump contains 3 types of filter media:
- Filter sponge that filters large particles. The sponges reduce nitrate, clean the water of chemical impurities and offer optimal conditions for the colonization of filter bacteria.
- Bioballs that have a large bacterial surface area and provide good growth opportunities for the beneficial bacteria in the filter that help keep your garden pond healthy.
- White gravel, which helps to filter larger particles, while at the same time its surface offers good growth opportunities for beneficial filter bacteria that help keep your garden pond healthy.
A UVC unit is an important element in the process of keeping your garden pond water clean.
UVC pond clarifiers irradiate the water with UVC radiation in a continuous flow reactor. These ultraviolet radiation devices modify the tertiary and quaternary structures of algal proteins through their UVC radiation. The algae die and agglutinate forming larger particles that are easily removed from the water circuit by mechanical filtration means.
The useful life of the UVC bulb varies between 7,000 and 10,000 hours of operation.
It is recommended to change the bulb and clean the quartz glass of the UV lamp at the beginning of the season when the temperature of the water in the garden pond rises.
The pump is equipped with 3 types of fountain nozzles that you can interchange.

Technical data:
Pump: maximum flow 2500 l/h
Voltage: 220 to 240 V / 50 Hz
Power: 54 w
UV lamp: 9w
UV lamp life: 8000 hours
height of water max. 2,5 m
Connection cable length: 10 m.
Weight: 5,72 Kg

Adjustable water games, telescopic extension with 3 nozzles for water games.
Hose connection: 13mm, 19mm and 25mm.
Filter material included
Measurements: 31.6 x 25.1 x 13.5 cm
Maximum submersibility 1.5m